Three Winds Church (TWC) of Portland (PDX) is a non-denominational all-affirming community of believers; followers of Christ who believe His’ grace and love reaches to the furthest margins of society, embracing all without prejudice or discrimination.

MISSION STATEMENT – To be a community where like minded people gather for the purpose of worship, service, and fellowship.

AFFILIATION– Three Winds Church PDX is an independent Evangelical, All-Affirming ministry. It is not affiliated with any other organizations at this time.

WELCOMING COMMUNITY – Three Winds Church PDX prides itself on creating an open and truly welcoming place of worship, service and fellowship. We believe all people are God’s people no matter their sexual identification or orientation. Each week Three Winds Church opens it doors to individuals who are disenfranchised and disconnected seeking a greater connection and understanding of their personal relationship with Christ and their brothers and sisters of the larger community.